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Anyone ever a celebrate 5 month anniversary in a relationship?

I LOVE MY MAN TO DEATH,today is 5 months,feels so much longer he is always buying me flowers,should i buy him some or is acknowledging 5 months a little corny?

Anyone ever a celebrate 5 month anniversary in a relationship?
nahhh.... IF ANYTHING sixmonths cuz its half a year
Reply:my boyfriend and I have been dating for over a year, and we never celebrated our %26#039;months%26#039;, only our year. We kind of seem the whole celebrating month anniversaires %26#039;corny%26#039; and young. But if that%26#039;s what you two enjoy doing, well then by all means go ahead :)
Reply:aww yes ......nver celebrated a month anni both the 16th ill make a year for me..its long distance though so i am sad..treat you man girl..

Gift ideas for a one month anniversary?!!!?

Its me and my girlfriends one month tommorw and im not sure what to get her. I told her i would take her out to eat wherever she wanted to go and i was thinking about getting her lots of flowers and ballons shaped like hearts and stuff like that? any ideas?

Gift ideas for a one month anniversary?!!!?
breakfast in bed coked by you...

Have fun!
Reply:well it%26#039;s just one month you shouldn%26#039;t really go all out... just take her to a nice place to eat then a movie of her choice... before the movie you can walk along the beach during the sunset...
Reply:how cuute!! i think she%26#039;ll be happy if you do that
Reply:A handmade portrait would be a nice present for her. Please take a look at

They have wonderful gift ideas for every occasion. The choice is big – e.g. oil, pencil, charcoal or canvas portraits. Is that not beautiful? They are also fairly priced, and you can instruct them to send the portrait directly to the person you want!

The same company also has a studio for oil paintings reproductions. If you are looking for an affordable gift urgently, you can take a look at their %26#039;stock on sale%26#039;. Visit http://www.oil-paintings-reproductions.c...
Reply:Things that you are planning to do are nice but quite trivial. You should impress your girlfriend with something she would never expect. Have you taken photos throughout your relationship? If so pick the best one and try They convert ordinary photo into wonderful piece of art. I sent them a picture of my friend and I and they made it look like a genuine painting. I gave it to her for her birthday and she’s still looking for ways to thank me.

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Ladies, this weekend is 1 year anniversary w/ gf; Any ideas?

I am looking for non-jewelry options. I am taking her on a date to where we had our first date and am bringing her flowers. Also scheduled her a massage for next week.

Anything else I need to do (without giving her a rock)?

Ladies, this weekend is 1 year anniversary w/ gf; Any ideas?
Think of gift pertaining to something special between the two of you. My now husband and I alway spent the summer apart when were dating, one summer he came to visit and brought me a coffee mug that he had painted some trees on. It was a coffee mug because we always had our best conversations over coffee and the trees represented a very special moment we shared the summer before! Still after 10 years together and a wedding ring, it%26#039;s my favorite gift he ever got me because it was about something special between the two of us. It let me know that he felt our relationship was just as special as I did!
Reply:a nice lil necklace or tennis bracelet.
Reply:You can try finding the music you guys heard in there.
Reply:I think that your plan is amazing. She will love it. The only thing I would add would be either a card or a letter expressing your feelings for her and how much you love her. Let her know how wonderful this year has been with her and how you are looking forward to more.

When me and my boyfriend had our one year anniversary (haha almost four years ago) he got me a diamond bracelet and a card. I LOVED the bracelet but when i read the card i couldn%26#039;t stop reading it over and over! It meant more to me than anything the could%26#039;ve done for me.

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Mom & Dad are having their 34th anniversary. Budget is low, any suggestions?

I usually buy them flowers plus because they both work. its hard to get them both in one place.

Mom %26amp; Dad are having their 34th anniversary. Budget is low, any suggestions?
How about making them a poem or letter. If you%26#039;re not too good with words yourself, how about finding a good one and framing it? Or, you could find a nice family portrait or old picture of them from when they were young, blowing it up and framing it. Another idea, is getting them tickets or gift certificates to dinner somwhere or even movie tickets for them to enjoy a night out just the two of them on a date.
Reply:take them to a beautiful beach and give them a poem telling them how you feel Report It

Reply:How about going to like Target and buying a photo album/scrap book and putting together all there favorite moments, include any baby photos and things like that. Or you can make invitations and send it to their jobs inviting them to a special dinner, and you can make their favorite meal ( or order their favorite meal). Or if you really have a hard time getting them together then I would just do something for the each of them that would really make not only that day but the entire month!! Like maybe wash your dad%26#039;s car, and maybe for your mom organize something (attic, basement) or get her (or both) a certificate to a day spa!! They can be pretty inexspensive around this time because you can usual find specials!!
Reply:Photo album that is filled with a trip down memory lane.
Reply:How about cooking them dinner? It doesn%26#039;t have to be expensive. Here%26#039;s something you could make relatively inexpensive:

--Spaghetti with meat sauce (brown ground beef in a pan, add a jar of spaghetti sauce that your family likes and spoon over cooked spaghetti)

--Tossed salad (lettuce %26amp; tomatoes would do)

--Hot buttered Garlic bread

--Vanilla ice cream with thawed-out frozen strawberries and a little whipped topping

I know you say it%26#039;s hard to get them both in one place, but they have to be together some time. Be alert...ask questions as to when they%26#039;ll be home next.

Good luck!
Reply:Find a photo of them when they got married

or when they were young dating.

Go to the photo shop and order them mugs or a blanket with there photo picture on it

OR make a caladar of them with different photos of them with family and such
Reply:If you can get a small replica of what their wedding cake looked like when they got married. Either that or make a scrap book or the 34 years.
Reply:scrap book?


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I need help finding an anniversary gift for my girlfriend of one year?

I send her flowers at least once a month, so I can%26#039;t do that. And, we go pretty much where ever we want, so I%26#039;m having a hard time planning a trip. I see her almost everyday and I love her to pieces! I want to get her something special but I%26#039;m having a really hard time figuring out what to do. Any help would be really great!

I need help finding an anniversary gift for my girlfriend of one year?
Candy is dandy, but gems won%26#039;t rot her teeth.

Unless you want to start that dialog, don%26#039;t get her a ring. Bracelets and necklaces do well.

Inscribed with the date will be a plus.

Also, a special day/night out geared exactly for her can play well too. A day spa with the both of you together is cool, because it is luxurious and celebrates the both of you.
Reply:Ok, most girls love cute things. So, get a cute teddy bear that is irresistible. Then buy her favorite flower and place it on the teddy bear%26#039;s paw. Then buy a cute necklace that she would like and put it around the teddy bear. This is also a good birthday present. But this is only good for girls that like cute things.
Reply:You are such a sweet guy.

Get her a not so expensive bracelet that is as beautiful as her.

She%26#039;d appreciate it. It isn%26#039;t the prince, but the thought that matters the most. =)

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What should I get my girlfriend for our one year anniversary?

I dont really want to go with jewelry because I want to be able to step it up next year. I occasionally bring home flowers and got her flowers and cards for V-day, so I think that may be overdoing it. We also didn%26#039;t meet at a very romantic place and had a pretty simple date. What should I get her? I gotta love for her but I%26#039;m stumped, were both in college.

What should I get my girlfriend for our one year anniversary?
Try a spa gift certificate. Tell her to reserve an evening for you, make her an appointment (the people at the spa will be able to help you decide what to get for her-most girls like manicures and pedicures, and you can%26#039;t go wrong with a facial) and tell her where she%26#039;s going about an hour ahead of time (to give her time to prepare, shave her legs, etc. and also so you can cancel if she hates the idea). Then pick her up afterwards and whisk her off to your place for a yummy meal (her favorite take out, sushi, something from a gourmet grocery store...) by candlelight. It can%26#039;t fail!
Reply:perfume! :)

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